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Pregnancy and child-birth are wonderful events and are a prelude to one of the most fulfilling and life affirming experiences - becoming a parent.

Pregnancy, labour and birth usually constitute only a tiny fragment of your child’s life, however, your care during these crucial times can have a lasting and profound impact.

Having delivered thousands of babies and as a proud father of five himself, Dr Cohen has an enormous breadth of experience.
Understanding that pregnant couples need to feel informed and empowered, Dr Cohen treats expecting couples as intelligent and capable partners in care. 

Although pro natural birth advocate, Dr Cohen oversees a weekly list of the state’s most technically difficult caesarean sections at Monash Medical Centre. Additionally, he  is a Consultant in the Amethyst high-risk pregnancy care clinic specialising in multiple pregnancy and pre-term birth. 

Dr Cohen is a Monash Medical School lecturer and examiner, and a RANZCOG training supervisor. 

Dr Cohen has particular expertise with rotational forceps, vaginal breech birth and vaginal twin birth.

If you require a cesarean section or operative delivery, Dr Cohen will ensure that you still have a beautiful empowered birth experience to cherish.

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